Navigationsteknik - Marine Infrastructure

NavigationsTeknik markets products and services for fairway markings like beacon and buoy lights, lighthouses, ice buoys and cardinal markers, mooring buoys, buoy batteries, and mooring systems.


The term fairway includes in its broadest sense the water areas used by shipping. In general, however, it means the waterways which in the nautical chart are marked with dashed black lines and which, if necessary, are provided with sea marks (sea road marks, etc.). NavigationsTeknik AB offers fairway managers e.g. ports, municipalities, state, boat clubs etc complete help with marking of fairways.

NavigationsTeknik AB offers e.g. Navigation buoys, Cardinal markers, Navigational marks, Beacons, Buoy lights, Sector lights, Compact lights, Sea Signs, Mooring buoys, Buoy batteries, Anchoring systems, Buoy Stones, Stream gauge.