Buoy batteries alkaline

NavigationsTeknik AB has been manufacturing alkaline buoy batteries for over thirty years and has delivered thousands to customers around mainly in northern Europe. The company has its own production and can therefore often accommodate even very special requests. The batteries are of high quality and are made of alkaline cells without either lead or cadmium and are therefore classified as environmentally friendly. For buoy batteries sold within Sweden, the environmental fee is charged. The buoy batteries can therefore be returned to a regular recycling station. All buoy batteries are equipped with short-circuit protection, cable and lifting loop or pole connectors and lifting handles.

A buoy battery is used to advantage in installations where you must have reliable energy, for example in buoys. The batteries can also be used as an energy source in, for example, lighthouses that do not have such a high energy requirement.

With modern, energy-efficient technology, buoy batteries can be used in more areas than the traditional ones - lighthouses and buoys - such as temporary road signals, metrology stations, monitoring stations and communication equipment.

The table below shows a selection of our most common buoy batteries. We are happy to manufacture other dimensions on request.

  • Buoy battery AL9-18, 80 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL11-18, 140 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL14-18, 220 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL14-21, 220 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL14-24, 220 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL14-18*2, 440 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL16-18, 280 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL16-21, 280 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL16-24, 280 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL20-18, 220 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL20-18, 440 Ah
  • Buoy battery AL25-18, 780 Ah

Other sizes are manufactured on request.

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