Örnbojen has an outer casing made of impact-resistant polyethylene plastic which is filled with polystyrene foam. In the event of a collision or other injury, the buoy still has full buoyancy even if the outer casing should be damaged. Polystyrene foam is a freon-free and recyclable foam quality with very good flow properties. Polyethylene plastic is an environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic material that has long been used in marine environments.

The buoy is equipped with hot-dip galvanized pipe, which facilitates adjustment of the chain length. The tin that is delivered loose together with the buoy is easily mounted in connection with laying. Örnbojen - easy mooring Örnbojen is easily moored with a chain or rope. In both cases, the mooring is passed through the hot-dip galvanized pipe. This simplifies the layout and possible adjustment. We are happy to help with dimensioning of buoy, chain and bust.