Vi erbjuder Bojar, Farledsprickar, Sjömärken & Förtöjningsbojar så som SP-series som bilden visar - 1


The SP series 200 is a powerful mooring buoy that is basically unsinkable as it is filled with freon-free expanded polystyrene (styrofoam). In addition, the outer casing of the mooring buoy is made of impact-resistant polyethylene plastic.

The galvanized tin is made of solid steel. As the tin is a full 2.5 meters long, it offers the user a comfort far beyond the ordinary. The tin is delivered pre-assembled on the mooring buoy.

The SP200 is easily moored with a chain or rope. In both cases, the mooring is passed through the hot-dip galvanized mooring bar. This simplifies the layout and possible adjustment. We are happy to help with dimensioning of buoy, chain and bust.