Vi erbjuder Bojar, Farledsprickar, Sjömärken & Förtöjningsbojar så som LED 350 H som bilden visar - 1

LED 350 H

The lamp's high efficiency and robust design make it ideal as a lighthouse in exposed places with harsh weather conditions. The lantern's lens has a superior performance and extremely low energy consumption. Compared with a 300 mm light bulb lamp, LED 350 H performs at the same energy consumption up to 10 times as much light and the light scattering is improved so that the lamp's visibility increases at a short distance.

The lens is cast in one piece in UV-stable polycarbonate, which guarantees a lasting brightness and minimizes the risk of the lens fading or discoloring as it ages. The base of the lantern is made of corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum which is painted with epoxy. The lantern is available with up to 5 levels of LED floors, depending on the light width.